Are you a freshman about to enter College or University? Or are you someone who is already in school looking for simple tips and learning how to use your resources more productively. Here, you will learn 7 tips that will help you make the most out of your tuition and make you a more punctual and organized person.

Throughout my school year, I quickly learned to use my resources more effectively, whether that was finding where to buy used textbooks, learning to speak professionally to my professor or simply learning how to make my class schedule in order to have at least one day of the week off to catch up on non-related school work.

These are basic but useful tips to know before beginning your first semester that will help make your life simpler in College or University:

1. Use a Degree Checklist

2. Buy Used Textbooks

3. Use Your Resources

4. Course Intension

5. Use An Agenda

6. Get to Know Your Professor

7. Plan a Day Off

  • For a more brief explanation, don’t forget to watch my video 🙂

Hope I was helpful, thank you for reading 🙂



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