Cute and Natural Back To School Makeup Look

Back to school we go! Who’s excited for a new year full of homework and early mornings?

Got you there. School is more than just that! It’s what you join during school that determines how boring or fun school can be. I think many of us can agree that going to school has its perks like meeting new friends, becoming athlete of the year, or finally taking leadership to start your own club or join one!

Today, I’ll be showing you how I wear my makeup to school on my first day back! I don’t like to cake my face or be too dramatic, I like to keep it natural and dewy that stays put for hours.

Disclaimer: I do receive a small commission when you shop my affiliated link so feel free to purchase my go-to makeup products below for school 🙂

Face Makeup Steps:

1. Foundation (Beige Clair)

2. Concealer (Fair)

3. Bronzer

4. Blush (Pink Swoon and Warm Soul)

5. Highlight

Eye Makeup Steps:

Feauring Modern Renaissance Anastasia

1. Base (Vermeer)

2. Transition color (Burnt Orange)

3. Outer Corner (Raw Sienna)

4. Tear duct (Vermeer)

Whatever makeup look you go with, stay you and stay beautiful. Natural can mean so many things, whether that is going bare or wearing lipstick alone. Be creative and express yourself with makeup, why? Because it’s fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful first day back to school. Tip from me is to SOCIALIZE more, become open minded in meeting all your classmates and get out of your comfort zone for an awesome school year. What makeup look do you guys want to see next? Leave your comments below ♥


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