How To Detoxify Your Skin in 6 Simple Steps


We’ve probably heard of the word detox before and you’re probably here to learn how I detoxify my skin. When I’m feeling stress or suddenly my complexion looks dull and is breaking out due to bad eating habits. I dedicate once a week to give myself a pick-me up skin ritual.

After all, beauty starts from within and so getting rid of the stubborn impurities, toxins, pollutants and dirt clogged in our pores, allows your skin to breathe again and allow our moisturizers and serums to penetrate deep into our skin to do it’s job to the fullest. So let’s get your skin cleared up with just 6 simple steps!

1. Cleanse – make sure you’re cleansing your face in the AM and PM, in circular and gentle motion till all your makeup is off. Shop my top 6 favourite and affordable cleansers here:

2. Steaming your face – there’s one of two ways you can do this. Buy a facial steaming machine or boil hot water and pour it into a big bowl and hover your face over the bowl and drape a towel on top of your head for 10 minutes

3. Mask – A little goes a long way, keeping a mask handy will do wonders to your skin. There’s different types of masks out there that will fit your needs and do wonders in as little as 10 minutes

  1. Brightening effect
  2. pores shrinking effect
  3. tighening effect
  4. puriing

And the list goes on!

4. Exfoliate – I can’t express this enough! Get yourself an exfoliation that is gentle enough to use everyday or every other day. This step will remove the dead skin cell laying on your face that you have no clue is there. You’ll start seeing a brighter and healthier complexion!

5. Drink lots of water – We should be drinking at-least 2 litres of water a day and that means cutting back on coffee and soda drinks too. To detoxify your body, water and tea is a great alternative to staying hydrated (Green tea or ginger tea specifically), because it has skin clearing benefits!

6. Detox through diet – if you’re like me who likes her poutine and burgers, I get it! It’s hard to resist all the greasy, large portion of food but it is essential you’re at-least adding some fruits or vegetables with your meals. Sure, have a burger but maybe substitute that coke for water.

It only takes 21 days to get into a habit of something minor. With our busy schedule, cleansing our faces morning and night is great but isn’t enough to detoxify your skin from all the impurities and dirt left over from a long day. If you want your skin to look more brighter, glowing without makeup and have smoother looking skin, you can achieve this if you follow this 6 steps that you can do once a week. Start today!

What’s your routine for a healthy detox? Share some of your tips on skin care below! 

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