How can we possibly choose which brush to use when there are so many make-up brushes on the market? I agree! The variety of  brush kits to choose from, sure does not make it easier to differentiate which brushes you will need and ones you will actually use. Essentially, you only need 6 types of make-up brushes to use for a flawless, full face application.

  1. Foundation brush – Look for a Medium Flat Brush. Tip: Apply liquid foundation onto the face using a brush and then using a sponge (Beauty Blender or Real Techniques)  to blend everything out

  2. Concealer – Look for Small Flat Brush for better precision for hard to reach areas (redness around the nose or dark circles under the eye)

  3. Powder – Look for a Big Kabuki Brush or Medium Rounded Brush to evenly distribute the product across your face. TIp: try using a dry Beauty Blender to apply loose powders

  4. Bronzer/Contour – Look for a Sculpting Brush or Large Kabuki Brush (Apply on temples toward your hair-line, cheekbones, and under your jaw line). TIP: blending is key so use a brush or a damp beauty blender

  5. Blush – Look for a Angled Brush or a Medium Rounded Brush with abundant soft bristles

  6. Highlighter – Look for a Fan Brush (Can be used to remove excess eye shadow fallout’s under your eye and can be used for powder, bronzer and blush for precise and sheer application


You’re just about ready to go to your beauty store but there is one more thing to look for when choosing your 6 brushes, make sure to read whether the hair is synthetic or natural. 3 Key things to keep in mind:


  • Natural hair is more costly because it is made from various animal hair
  • Natural brushes are good for applying powders (blush, contour, eye shadow) because they hold powders better so it doesn’t produce fall outs and allow for better and durable application (Try to look for cruelty-free and high-quality labels)
  • Synthetic brushes are good for cream and liquid products because synthetic fibers aren’t absorbent, so it will not absorb the fluid and will allow you to save. It is easier to clean thoroughly (Nylon brush preferred)

Time to hit up your beauty supplier and start your search! I hope this information was useful, please like, share and comment.

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