Are you a shoe lover or someone looking for a new pair of shoes to love this Spring?

You don’t want to miss out on the most trendy and gorgeous shoes out there, and most importantly they’re all made to keep your feet in style with comfort! They say beauty is pain, but it doesn’t always have to be if you’re open to stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

Check out my top 7 brands that I am currently loving for the Spring 2017 and why they’re the best

Cole Haan

Three words: Breathable, flexible & moisture control

I  can’t express how  comfortable Cole Haan shoes are. The bottom sole is durable and has a reliable grip, so if you’re worried about slipping? Cole Haan has got you covered. Not to mention, with its cushioning foam in the inner soles and sides makes it super soft to touch and ability to wear all day.

If you’re someone who is going from business to modern prep or contemporary classics, this is for you! They also have a wide collection for men. Check them out here.


Fashion never dies and I can say the same for Sam Edelman. If you haven’t tried their ballet flats, well what are you waiting for?!


The new insole provides additional stability and longer lasting durability. It is so cute and it comes in a range of simple to metallic to bright colors.

These easy to wear mules is definitely to consider, especially if you’re looking for a  cute and simple shoe while looking fashionable.




Their heels are comfortable due to its down curve that allows your foot to be evenly place from the heel to toe. This will allow your foot to feel less pressure on the ball of your foot.



Vince Camuto

Looking for affordable fashion footwear? Vince Camuto has you covered. From the moment I stepped into Townshoes,  I fell in love with how nice and comfortable these booties are and every other booties and sandals from Vince Camuto. I found it stylish and one of the best quality shoes for a good price.

If you haven’t checked out Vince Camuto handbags and their other leather goods, you’re missing out! Click here to see more collection from Vince Camuto.

Franco Sarto

My go to work shoes with sophistication.

I always catch myself falling in love with Franco Sarto and its good quality with a sense of fashion that’s on trend.


It’s simple, classic and best of all comfortable! Check out their flats, as they too are simple and cute.





I found it cute that Ellen’s logo “LOVE” is at the bottom of the sole and for others it has a distinct racing stripe.

Are you planning a trip and you know you will be doing a lot of walking? or are you tired of wearing heels and need a go to shoe that you can rely on for comfort and taste? Ellen sure understands a woman pain. In her collection, you’ll find that the contoured cushioning supports arch, which helps to reduce discomfort for an all day wear.

Louis Et Cie

I recently found out about this brand and it is definitely understated. The collection offers modern yet sophisticated, rich detailing and a feminine fresh look. You can find yourself wearing it to work or dancing in them with your girls or with your date.

For more Louis Et Cie, click here.


From the beach to the cottage and everyday street wear.

For my beach gals, Impamena has a range of flattering and cute flip-flops that is designed to be worn everywhere. Match it with a good’ol dress and you’re good to go! It comes in a variety of color and pattern.

For more product collection or to purchase your first Spring shoe, click here!

Get into fashion with these beautiful shoe’s and thanks for reading.


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