Why You Need To Try Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide Cream

Drunk Elephant.. whatever you’re drinking, keep drinking! It has done wonders for my skin! It keeps my skin so soft and hydrated, it helped to even my skin tone and texture! I am so glad I was introduced to this skincare line. I had no idea this brand existed until two weeks ago. I walked into Sephora asking for assistance with finding a new organic face moisturizer, and the top three brands were Juice Beauty, Tatcha Harper and Drunk Elephant. Decisions, decisions, decisions..

Why Drunk Elephant?

Other than Drunk Elephants Allure reward winner, Lala Retro Whipped Cream, I had to give their new cream a try, since it was a tad more light weight for my normal to oily and sensitive skin type. The 3 main ingredients include:

9 Signal Peptide Complex
The polypeptide formula includes growth factors and amino acids that form proteins on the skin. It acts as a moisture agent and the results, immediately and over time, should be an increase in firmness and bounce.

Pygmy Water Lily Stem Cell Extract
This extract helps serves as a soothing ingredient within this formula. It is known to increase radiance and produce that youthful ‘glow’. As a source of antioxidants, this ingredient also helps to fight against free radicals, while effectively moisturizing the surface of the skin.

Soybean Folic Acid Ferment Extract
Soybean Folic Acid extract is high in B vitamins, which helps to boost elasticity. Folic acid is also beneficial after sun exposure, making it a great night time product.

My review:

It stays true to it’s words! After 2 weeks of using it, my blemishes disappeared and my skin is less congested and is improving slowly everyday. My skin texture and tone looks more luminous than ever! and it keep my skin extra smooth and hydrated. Great for combination, oily skin. I also noticed I haven’t had many breakouts after using this. For the price, I would recommend everyone to splurge a little more for a really good moisturizer that shows instant results. The packaging is cute and simple.. just the way i like it. The packaging is sealed tight so it keeps the product fresh, and makes it convenient and sanitary. 5 stars!


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